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Math expressions while writing

In this update, we've made tons of refinements, added more shortcuts, math equations, a new theme, and more!

  • Math expressions! Write pretty math formulas using TeX math expressions.

  • New app icon customization! We added 16 beautiful new app icons to choose from.

  • Added a button to import themes in the themes settings page.

  • Lists now align their text properly when wrapping into multiple lines.

  • Added a new shortcut to toggle todo items as complete, including multiple at once: shift + command + u

  • Added a shortcut to open the outline and statistics sidebar: shift + command + i

  • Added a new shortcut to insert a math equation: shift + command + m

  • Added a static non-blinking option to the cursor animation options.

  • New refined settings page.


  • Added a new theme: Peach!

  • You can now set a secondary sidebar color to create beautiful gradients.

  • Added the ability to change header colors independently of the text color.

  • Made some refinements to existing theme colors.

Code Blocks

  • Code blocks now show an icon for each language instead of the language name.

  • Added a new dropdown menu that lets you copy the entire code block at once, or choose the language with search.

  • Code blocks now support language aliases when autocompleting from markdown. For example, ```js will turn into a javascript code block.

  • Added the ability to change the code block font.

  • Added a setting to turn on or off code wrapping.

  • Added a setting to configure the tab size of code blocks (default is now 4).

Other changes

  • Increased the character limit for Breveto AI to 3000.

  • The editor sidebar now restores the selected tab.

  • Fixed a bug where the unordered list shortcut wouldn't work.

  • Fixed a bug where pasting markdown italic with quotes would remove the first quote.

  • Made minor performance improvements to document search, and hex color highlighting.

  • Improved the performance of document statistics like reading time.

  • Focus mode is now a free feature

  • - Lots of minor fixes and improvements.

Lastly, behind the scenes we've been making progress towards the iOS version!


We just upgraded the AI reword feature! Now you can give instructions to Breveto on how to reword your selected text. We also polished up more of Breveto’s features.

New and Improved

  • Tell Breveto AI how to reword selected text.

  • Added an “open in new window” button to the editor dropdown.

  • We’ve rolled out the AI-recommended synonyms so it works with every word

  • Added a “None“ option for completed todo appearance.

  • Now when you click directly on a folder icon it will only toggle the folder, not select it.

  • Changed the default document window size to be larger.

  • Removed the ‘Improve’ button from the AI for the sake of simplicity, since the same can be accomplished using the ‘Reword’ button.


  • Fixed a lag when dragging files that contain images in the sidebar.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes reordering a file would create a copy, instead of moving it.

  • Fixed the clickable area where you can right-click to create a new file in the sidebar.

  • Fixed a bug where the print view wouldn’t be centered.

  • Fixed a bug where the first line in a file would be clipped in separate document windows.

  • Fixed a bug where dragging a single file to be pinned would cause the files to be pushed down for a split second.


This update lets you print your files in different styles. We also made some minor improvements and fixed some more bugs.


  • Print your files in 5 different styles!

  • Added the ability to indent task lists.

  • Improved markdown paste. Breveto now recognizes "**bold**" and "*italic*" markdown that is pasted without spaces around them. It also recognizes ::markdown highlights::

  • We've made it easier to select text by enlarging the selection area around the editor.

  • You can now press tab and shift+tab to indent and outdent list items.

  • You can now press delete at the beginning of a list item to join it into the previous one.

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed a bug where creating a new file directly inside a folder didn't order the file properly.

  • We also fixed a bug where the sidebar selection would not connect properly in some cases.


New Features:

Introducing Breveto AI! Reword paragraphs, fix complex grammar mistakes, and more with AI. Select a piece of text, then click the magic wand button to get started.

Newly revamped indentation: Indent and outdent paragraphs, block quotes, and code blocks too! Added the ability to format paragraphs with first-line indentation along with hanging indentation.

Added horizontal lines! Now you can divide your document into sections.


  • Right-clicking on a new folder to create a file will now create it inside of the folder.

  • When searching for certain word synonyms, Breveto will recommend the top synonyms and their categories with AI.

  • Added shortcuts for all indentation options: indent, outdent, indent first line, indent hanging.

  • The alignment shortcuts now appear in the text formatting menu.

  • Renamed “Indent Wrapped” to the more standard term “Indent Hanging”.

  • Added indentation options to the menubar format menu

  • Added a loading indicator to the dictionary.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple bugs with the shortcut inputs.

  • Fixed a bug where the new file shortcut would not work.

  • Fixed a bug where some text editing shortcuts would not work.

  • Improved the contrast of colors in a few themes.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


Breveto's new themes: Dracula, Blush, and Ashen!

This update adds three brand new themes! Blush, Ashen, and Dracula. We also added customizable keyboard shortcuts, polished up some more features, and fixed some things that needed fixing.

New Features:

  • 3 new themes: Dracula, Blush, and Ashen!

  • Customize Breveto's keyboard shortcuts with the new shortcut editor! (Found in Breveto's settings).

  • Preview document images by pressing the spacebar or double-clicking on them.

  • Right-clicking on an image gives you options to preview it, open it with a different app, or share it.

  • Added a restore button to trashed files.


  • Improved the existing themes.

  • You can now right-click on spell check problems to show corrections.

  • The sidebar now retains its width when it is opened and closed.

  • You can now see your selection when editing a link.

  • When creating a link, the URL input is automatically focused.

  • Improved the styling of scrollbars to match themes better.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed multiple bugs with scrollbars.

  • Fixed a bug where find and replace would scroll downward while typing.

  • Fixed a bug where the scroll lock wouldn't always scroll when turned on.

  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a link would prevent moving the text cursor to that location.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


This update polishes up version 1.0.0 and squashes a ton of bugs!

  • Added typewriter mode, which keeps your text cursor centered as you type.

  • Added individual typewriter and dimming options to focus mode.

  • Added a setting to choose where the cursor position is restored: top, last edit, or bottom.

  • When selecting a file, enter the document with the spacebar, right arrow, or control + tab.

  • Added shortcuts for focus mode, creating links and inserting images.

  • The text formatting menu now shows shortcuts.

  • Added a setting to turn off sound effects.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where spell check would not work sometimes.

  • Fixed multiple issues with lag, including resizing the editor, and opening documents consecutively.

  • List item bullets now follow text alignment.

  • Squashed lots of other small bugs!


First release! Learn more in our blog post.