Breveto AI

Breveto AI lets you swiftly modify selected text in different ways, whether you are struggling to find alternative phrasing or fix the grammar problem you are stuck on. Breveto's got you covered.

Breveto AI currently supports five modifiers to help you enhance your text:

  • Reword — Reword content using different phrasing.

  • Fix Grammar — Fix complex grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Summarize — Condense existing content into a brief summary.

  • Improve — Attempts to improved the selected piece of text.

  • Expand — Expand upon existing content, making it longer.

We intend for Breveto AI to be used as a tool when you're stuck, or to fix minor mistakes. Not as a full-on replacement that writes for you. You should never mislead any person that content generated with Breveto AI was written by a human.


Breveto AI currently limits modifying up to 1000 characters per request.

Because of the nature of Breveto's AI language model, it can sometimes be wrong, inaccurate, or produce misleading or harmful content. It also doesn't know about recent events. In other words, take it with a grain of salt.


When you use Breveto AI, your selected text is passed to OpenAI where the AI generates a response that is then sent back to you. Your content is never stored on our servers and is never used to train the AI.

For more information, see our terms and conditions and privacy policy.