Breveto Settings

To access Breveto's settings, go to the menu item Breveto > Settings. You can also access Breveto's settings by clicking on the menu item and choosing settings, or by using the shortcut ⌘ + ,

General Settings

Auto Save Files — If turned off, Breveto will ask you whether you want to save your changes every time you close a document.

Automatic backups — When enabled, Breveto will automatically make periodic backups of your files with the following schedule:

  • Every hour, max 2.

  • Every day, max 6.

  • Every week, max 4.

Play Sounds — Whether or not to play sound effects such as when marking a todo item as complete.

App Icon — If pink doesn’t suit your fancy, you can change the app icon to a black or white version. Note: This only works while the app is active due to a limitation of Mac OS.

Editor Settings

Editor Font — Change the font family of the text editor. You can choose any installed font on your computer.

Code Font — Change the font family for code blocks.

Editor Font Size — Change the size of the editor font. You can also change the font size while editing a file by using the shortcut command + or command -.

Line Height — Change the line height of the editor.

Editor Width — Change the maximum width of the editor.

Completed Todo Appearance — Change whether or not completed todos are struck through.

Code Block Tab Size — Change the size of tabs within code blocks

Wrap Code Block Lines — Weather or not to wrap lines within code blocks, or to scroll instead.

Text Cursor

You can change the look of the text cursor (also called the caret). By default the caret is rounded, but you can also change it to thin which is what the default cursor looks like on mac.

Cursor Animation — Change how the cursor blinks: Smooth, Blink, or Expand.

Cursor Movement — Whether or not to smoothly move the cursor to where you place it, or to snap it instantly.

Restore Text Cursor — Choose where to restore the cursor when opening a document again. By default, the cursor is restored to your last edit, letting you pick up from where you left off. You can also choose to always place it at the top, or at the bottom.


Breveto's themes allow you to personalize your experience with the app. You can choose from a variety of beautiful themes or create your own with the theme editor.


Breveto lets you customize most of its keyboard shortcuts. For a full list of shortcuts, click on the link below.


The PRO store lets you purchase Breveto PRO, manage your subscription, or restore your purchase