Organizing Files

At the core of Breveto lies its file tree-based sidebar, featuring a different take on file organization.

It’s hard to stay organized when your notes get reordered every time you edit a different one. Even worse, notes that have not been edited in a while get lost at the bottom, never to be seen again.

Breveto sets itself apart from other writing apps by using a file tree that allows you to effortlessly drag and drop files into place, where they remain precisely where you put them. Additionally, you can organize your files into folders and even put those folders inside other folders. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Pin important files by dragging them to the top so you can quickly access them without sacrificing your organization. Pinned files are sorted based on their most recent edit date.

Breveto drag and drop file tree in the sidebar


Locations give you the freedom to store your files anywhere. Create a location in iCloud to sync it across all your Macs, or choose a folder to store them locally on your computer.

This gives you the flexibility to have dedicated workspaces. For example, you can create separate locations for your personal notes, writing ideas, and work-related files. Then, you can keep your work separated from your personal life while still keeping all of your files in one centralized location: Breveto.

Sidebar file location menu


Breveto seamlessly works online and offline when you use iCloud locations, eliminating the need for an internet connection. Files sync between all of your Macs, and changes made on two devices at once are automatically merged without conflicts. 

We believe your data is yours and yours alone. Since we use Apple’s CloudKit for sync, we can never access your files.

If you'd like to sync your files outside of iCloud, you can create a folder location and choose to save it in a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. We recommend sticking with iCloud locations, as they work much smoother, sync your pins, and have better conflict resolution.